About Dejan

I remember being fascinated by music and music production as early as in elementary school. Although attending primary music school at that time, I wasn’t overly interested in practicing classical music.

In years to come, I was playing synthesizer in local bands performing the most varied music genres, which will later help me form personal artistic expression. I was 14 when I realize how important it is, in the process of creating popular music, to master the equipment for music production.

In mid 90’s I move to Belgrade, where I first encounter film music and applied music and start studying at the new-founded Department for recording and sound design of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, the most important film school in the region and the only one in this part of Europe that has a sound design department..

During my studies, I get a chance to work for professor Zoran Simjanovic, one of the best-known authors of film music in all of the former Yugoslavia, thereby gaining an important experience, as well as self-confidence. This is also a period of my exploration of Balkan ethno music, my own music identity in the soon-to-arrive hyper-production of „Western music“.

„No Smoking Orchestra“ and director Emir Kusturica were a great professional challenge – for two years I was creating arrangements for ethno brass instruments, playing synthesizer, programming electronic instruments and recording sound for the „Life is a Miracle“ soundtrack.

I started my professional career as composer for media in early 2002. In the same year, I made “LudilOro”, a song which will bring me first important award in international competitions. Among the most important awards are certainly the two honorary awards, “Honorable mention award” in the USA Songwriting competition and the International Songwriting Competition, given that musicians such as Path Metheny and B B King were among the jurors.

Television commercials were my focus between 2002 and 2006, when I realized music for over 200 campaigns for the biggest, most important clients in the country.

I started academic career at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 2004, as a teaching assistant , advancing to the position of associate professor, which I hold today.

​​In 2007, I was nominated as “European composer 2007” by the European Film Academy (EFA) for „Gucha – Distant Trumpet“, a film by Dusan Milic, which I did in 2006. The same music is later awarded as the best original score at the Golden Chest international film and TV festival in Bulgaria. Since then, I successfully compose music for film and television.

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